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Why a plastic shuffleboard court?

It is the smartest alternative to conventional

cement courts.
Watch this video and you will be convinced

A wooden or concrete base for my shuffleboard court?

Watch this video and discover two basic suggestions for setting up your removable plastic shuffleboard court

Easy indoor / outdoor assembly

do it yourself diy

See with your own eyes:
... the easy assembly
... the good sliding capacity

Easy disassembly

Watch this video and find out how long it will take you to disassembly your court.

Your white bands are easy to assemble

See how easy it is to install your dowells to fix your white bumper.

Note that the wholes are not made in advance. You must nail your dowells by breaking the diagonal.

PlanetShuffleboard's courts

are made in Quebec Canada

In this video, you see

Gaétan Gilbert owner since 1993

in the factory molding tiles.







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