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A picture does not show the court's real advantages. --To appreciate how well the disks slide, you have to try them out. --You will not make such an investment without first seeing the product. THE SMALL AMOUNT YOU PAY IS JUST A DEPOSIT.  IT WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOUR IF YOU RETURN THE SAMPLE KIT. THIS CHARGE IS REQUIRED TO ELIMINATE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING THIS PURCHASE. 

  • Two ( 2 ) tiles, one ( 1 ) green, one ( 1 ) red
  • Two ( 2 ) yellow borders ( finishing edges )
  • One ( 1 ) shuffleboard discs
  • One foot of white stripe and dowels


  • Easy assembly
  • Smart tile design 8 connectors on each side
  • Expension joint every 3 inches to avoid waves
  • Test the unbelievable glide

Sample kit

SKU: 4454
$37.60 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
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