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This exclusive set is perfect for playing on official 6' wide court or compacted to 5'. Choose 6''

with court playing surface reduced to 4'x27 'and 3'x20'.Choose 4''

You will receive 4 fiberglass sticks with LIFETIME GUARANTEE * 6 feet long valued at $30 USD ($120 USD) (each stick comes in 2 pieces that easily fit together for easy transport in your car), a set of LIFETIME WARRANTY * pucks at $75.99 USD ( set of 8 pucks 6'' or 4'' in diameter ), a basket at $11.99 USD, a laminated dry-erase marker  scoreboard at $22.39 USD, a hook for sticks at $7.99 USD, a dry marker $1.64 USD

Total $240 less $40 = Total $200 USD 



Lifetime Warranty set

SKU: 02862
$240.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • If you break or damage your cues or disks, we will replace them without any questions. Just give us the damaged item and we'll send you back a brand new one.


    Normal wear caused by friction is not guaranteed

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