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This is our top-of-the line court in the 4' wide version. It is a 4’ x 27’ court with 2 shooting sections of 4’ x 4’ and a 2 ft. walkway on both sides. The perimeter has a white stripe ( 1.25'' hight ) that keeps the disks in the plastic area.

Shuffleboard features

  • This is the best looking court of all in 4' wide compact version.
  • The disks never leave the plastic area (you don’t have to go chasing after your disks).
  • The disks stay new because they don’t get scratched underneath like they would on a concrete court. This assure a perfect ice sliding ability forever.


  • Requires a 8' x 35' level area.
  • Shuffleboard court #1 has 108 green tiles for the court itself.
  • Court #1 has 172 red tiles for the surrounding area.
  • Court #1 has 86 linear feet of white stripe 1.25'' high around the perimeter to stop disks.
  • You play with 4'' disks ( in proportion with 2/3 official size )


Our top of the line court can be installed on any level area and is a must on concret, asphalt, paver or any rough surface.






4'wide Court#1, with 2' aisle and stripe

SKU: 148241
  • Delivery in United States the day after payment is received.

    UPS ground will deliver between 1 to 5 days.

    If you need it faster, call us.

    You will get a confirmation with tracking number.

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